Ultimate Foodie Tour

Our Ultimate Foodie Tour is one of our most popular tours. Learn why Ann Arbor is listed as one of American’s foodiest towns. Stop at Zingermans Deli, probably our most famous restaurant, and taste just about anything your heart desires, imported ham and house-made meats, chocolate cherry bread, artisan honeys paired with local cheese, goat milk caramels and handmade candy bars. Eat the sandwich that Obama or Oprah crave, or find a favorite of your own. Savor the aroma of Chardonnay smoked sea salt, vanilla sugar and a plethora of teas at the Spice Merchants. Create your own signature salad dressing at Fustini’s. Sip the chowder-of-the-day at Monahan’s. Eat silky locally smoked salmon at Durham Tracklements. Enjoy high tea with scones and brightly-colored macaroons, or tea-infused gelato, at the Tea Haus and Eat More Tea. And that’s just within the first few blocks!

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