Michigan Football

It’s an exciting weekend here in Ann Arbor with the classic in-state rivalry as the University of Michigan Wolverines host the Michigan State Spartans. Next year will mark the 120th anniversary of the first time these two teams played each other. There’s always plenty of green and white mixed in with the maize and blue in the stadium since MSU is less than an hour away. We cheer for the Spartans every week—except this one.

I didn’t even like college football when I arrived in Ann Arbor in 1975, but that quickly changed. I was a big Steelers fan since I grew up around Pittsburgh, so I knew football, but nothing like what happens in the Big House! Ann Arbor almost doubles its population every football Saturday, and tailgaiting has become gourmet. There are great places to eat within a 5-10 minute walk from the stadium, like Biercamp and Westside Barbecue. If you’re in the mood for ice cream or awesome donuts, visit the historic Washtenaw Dairy. In a few extra minutes, you can have a bunch more options in downtown Ann Arbor. Or, try our Strolling Tailgate tour and eat your way to the Big House! Go Blue!

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