Kilwin’s Candy, Ice Cream and More!!

We love to visit Kilwin’s on any tour, and it’s a stop on the Chocolate Heaven etour on our app. A locally-owned franchise, and the first Kilwin’s franchise anywhere, this store has been owned by a mother and daughter team for over 30 years. Kilwin’s is a candy-and-ice cream-lover’s paradise. Try their soft and gooey dark chocolate cashew turtle for a delicious twist on the usual one. There’s fudge of every kind, chocolate-covered oreos, rice krispie treats and marshmallows. Classic candy and contemporary confections. Homemade brittle, caramel apples and toffee. It’s almost impossible to resist having an ice cream cone because of the heavenly smell of waffle cones that permeates the street as soon as you’re within a block of the place. You’ll never run out of options here!

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