Worth Itchin’ For!

I’ve developed some food sensitivities in the last few years that have turned me into a mostly gluten and dairy-free foodie.  It’s been hard, but I’m lucky that all that happens is that I itch.  My throat doesn’t close up, my eyes don’t swell shut and my gut doesn’t freak out.  In the last couple of years, I just decided to evaluate food by asking myself “is it worth itchin’ for?”

My husband often has the job of telling me if something is worth itchin’ for at a party.  I find that most things aren’t worth itchin’ for.  But today, I found a whole bakery worth itchin’ for—the Dexter Bakery.  And my absolute favorite was the apple fritter—so I bought two!  I savored little crispy, glazed morsels from the outside of the fritter as I winded my way back to Ann Arbor, smelling the first hint of cinnamon and apples.  I was afraid I would eat all of it before I even got to my desk, but I had a few good chunks left that I nuked for about 10 seconds.  Definitely worth itchin’ for!  The croissants from Café Japon, the Pastry Peddler and White Lotus are also worth itchin’ for, especially if you get them early.

What do you think is worth itchin’ for?


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