Lucky Foodie

Ann Arbor has been named one of America’s foodiest towns, and it just keeps getting foodier. Those of

us who are passionate about everything food feel so lucky to live in a town where there’s something

special for us foodies everyday.

I first heard the term “foodie” in 1998 from a woman who described herself that way as she explained

she was taking a year off of work to travel around the world and take cooking classes. I was so jealous!

And excited because I finally had a description for me. Some people cringe at the term “foodie.” Others

are downright mean about it. But, it was almost a relief for me to discover a word to describe this

passion, sometimes obsession, I have for food and everything about it. “Gourmet” and “gourmand”

always sounded too formal and stuffy for how I felt. But, “foodie” works for me, and I’m a happy foodie

in Ann Arbor!

Recently, besides the usual opportunities to eat at over 200 places, take a variety of cooking classes and

buy a plethora of local produce (even with temperatures dropping below freezing way too early)—-the

Holiday Inn Near the University of Michigan hosted a cookoff for college students. The students were

allowed 3 ingredients, 1 machine and 10 minutes. The winner was a creative, healthy and delicious “ice

cream” sundae made from frozen bananas. Plus, Jan Longone spoke at the grad library about their

exhibit “The Life and Death of Gourmet Magazine.” Jan donated her collection of culinary historical

manuscripts (over 20,000 pieces!) to the U a few years ago.  She also started the Culinary

Historians of Ann Arbor, a group that meets monthly to talk about the history of food and gastronomy.

In the upcoming weeks are a variety of holiday brew and wine tastings, cocktail classes, pizzelle baking

classes and a gnocchi workshop. The foodieness goes on and on!  How lucky I am!!

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