Miracle Art Fair Weather!

We haIMAG0394d an exciting week in Ann Arbor!  The U’s new President officially started his job, and we had miracle Art Fair weather.  No rain, no hail, no heat, no humidity.  I can’t remember an Art Fair, which always occurs the third week in July, that didn’t have at least one storm.  I always feel so sorry for the artists.  But not this year!

As usual, I was in awe of the talent, creativity and patience of the artists that display at Ann Arbor’s Art Fair, which is over 50 years old and one of the first in the US.  The fair attracts a half a million visitors, and is always listed as one of the best in the world.  Apparently, when the idea of artists showing their work during the downtown merchants’ summer bargain days was first presented to the Ann Arbor Art Association, now the Ann Arbor Art Center, the initial reaction of the Association Board members’ was basically, “No good artist will sit in the street.”

What’s fascinating to me is how quickly the city gets back to normal.  By the next morning, everything is cleaned up and put away and most of the artists have packed up and moved on to the next fair.

But lucky for us, it’s always an art fair in Ann Arbor!!!

So, don’t worry if you can’t make it to town during the July art fair.  Just schedule an Everyday Art Fair Tour with Savor Ann Arbor, and we’ll show you all the beautiful art and talent Ann Arbor offers every single day.

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