We have a new mall on Washtenaw Ave that opened a few months ago—Arbor Hills.  I haven’t had time to explore the shopping much, but I met a friend for an early brunch at Zola Bistro last Saturday before it got too crowded.  I didn’t do a side-by-side comparison, but the menu seemed about the same as the one at Café Zola on Washington Street, which was fine with me.  They have some of the best fries in town—-if you like thin, crispy fries, which I assumed everybody did until very recently when my nephew told me he likes his soft and soggy.

I had an order of fries, which were great as always, and a side of Tracklements‘ smoked salmon, which I can eat at any meal.  The Zola restaurants are one of the few places in town that serve Tracklements’ heavenly, silky smoked salmon, but you can get it at their storefront in Kerrytown, along with lots of other flavors.  Check their website because they have special hours.

I love fries!  My Mom made the best homemade, crinkle-cut fries, but I don’t deep fry anything at home, so I feed my fry passion out of the house.  My favorite places in town for fries are both Zola restaurants.  But, I also like those at Frita Batidos and Zingerman’s Roadhouse, whose sweet potato fries are a meal by themselves!  I can’t wait to try the fries at one of the other new restaurants in Arbor Hills, Bigalora.  They have Tuscan fries, with garlic, rosemary, grana padano and sea salt!  Wow!

Tell us what your favorite fries are in the area.  We’d love to try them!

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